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UEFA shook up their club competitions drastically ahead of the 2021/22 season with the introduction of the Europa Conference League.

The creation of this tournament also led to a reduction in the number of teams competing in the Europa League from 48 to 32.

These reforms had a knock-on effect of the size of the prize pot on offer in Europe’s secondary competition, though the winners of the Europa League – and indeed the new Europa Conference League – can still earn a pretty penny from their exploits.

As a team progresses further in the Europa League, their winnings increase. However, each participant is guaranteed €3.63m for qualifying. After that, the prize pot breaks down like this in 2021/22:

Group stage

Knockout rounds

The maximum total prize pot that the winners of the 2021/22 Europa League can bank is €23.4m. To secure this, they would have needed to have won all nine of their group games, though.

Winning the final itself is worth €8.6m.

The prize pot for the Europa Conference League is unsurprisingly lower than the Europa League, although clubs can still land a nice windfall if they go far in the competition.

After receiving €2.94m for participating in the tournament, the rest of the potential prize money breaks down like so:

Group stage

Knockout rounds

Provided they win all of their group games, the maximum the victors of this season’s Europa Conference League can receive this season is €15.5m.

Winning the final itself earns a team €5m.

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Author: Heidi Porter