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Mexican national team head coach Gerardo Martino addressed Marcelo Flores’ revelation that he would choose Mexico over Canada, should he be included on the World Cup roster. 

“Canada also wants me, but I think that if Mexico calls me to the World Cup, I think that’s where I want to be,” said the 18-year-old to TUDN. “Right now, I don’t know, really. I’m thinking and just preparing for when I’m going to make a decision.”

El Tri’s head coach was not particularly pleased with the statement, adding he should make a decision based solely on himself and not his World Cup possibilities. 

“In other words, he has not defined it. That is not good. Neither is the speculation that he will play for the national team that will take him to the World Cup. First, he must consolidate, be clear about which national team he will play for and not speculate that he will play for a national team that will take him to the World Cup.” said the head coach. 

“It is difficult to say what the possibilities are for him, what does not seem logical to me is that his decision is subject to which national team guarantees him a World Cup.” 

While Martino addressed the direct quote from the player, it may have been taken out of context. In that same interview, Flores spoke about his devotion to Mexico and his excitement to don the white, green, and red way beyond Qatar.

“Wherever they need me, I will be there to represent Mexico. Wherever they want to play me, I will be there and do my best to better the team I am called up to,” he added.

He also added that his father’s side of the family inspired his passion for El Tri. 

“He is Mexican and everyone on my dad’s side is Mexican,” Flores said. “They are very passionate about soccer, they’ve always loved soccer and they passed that love onto me when I was small. They passed on the pride to represent Mexico, and play for them.”

Flores is yet to represent Canada, denying a call up to a January 2022 training camp to stay with Arsenal. On the other hand, he’s featured for Mexico on several occasions, playing with various youth teams before making his senior debut in 2021. 

He is also currently with El Tri, preparing for Wednesday’s friendly against Guatemala at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

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Author: Heidi Porter